Tawharanui Regional Park

28 10 2009

Another jewel in the crown of the Auckland region a beautiful park within easy drive from Auckland featuring beaches and bird life. We spent labour weekend camping here a nice spot though the facilities are basic. Number one Son enjoyed himself but the wee girl was ill and out of sorts vomited on the way in fun fun!

The 588-hectare park is New Zealand’s first integrated open sanctuary (mainland island) where farming, public recreation and conservation of native species combine. The name Tawharanui translates as “the abundant bracts of the kiekie vine”. The iconic Anchor Bay is named after the anchor of the Phoenix, a vessel wrecked on the Tawharanui coastline in 1879.

The weather was kind to us and only rained on the final monday as we were packing to go. I managed sunrises and sunsets every day getting up at 4.15 am to walk to Tokatu Point for Sunrise one morning.

The mornings were the best as I had the place to myself and could enjoy the scene sans drunken louts and other inconvenient persons who at sunset do insist on getting in the way.

I mostly focused on landscapes but there were opportunity for bird photography too which I shall do more of next time.




3 responses

28 10 2009

Great shots. Hope the wee girl is feeling better 🙂

4 11 2009

Beautiful reflection there Rod. 4:15 is quite early.

6 11 2009

Yep it was early for me! But rewarding.

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