Sunrise Sunset

12 11 2009

Ever notice how it is every time you have other commitments or couldn’t be bothered there always seems to be a spectacular sunset/sunrise?

Then when you make the effort like as not the sunset was a fizz-er. Well that’s the way it often seems to me.There is a certain element of luck as well as planning involved in getting those spectacular shots . The planning part is finding a location and knowing where and when the sun will rise or set because blundering around in the dark of the morning looking for a location isn’t going to work. At sunset you have the opportunity of getting there an hour or so prior in order to find the ideal shot. The luck part is over to the weather but if your not there you won’t get the shot so  to a certain degree we have to make our luck. 

Clear skys are invariably disappointing you need a few clouds to show some colour of course too many clouds can be problem too because you won’t see the sun at all . The most colourful sunsets/sunrise are often when there are lots of cloud with a clear area just on the horizon allow the sun to light up the clouds underneath.Many times it all won’t come together as you had hoped but its always enjoyable to have got out in nature and often you come back with a compelling image even if it didn’t happen as you had hoped. Then there are the times when it all comes together and that makes up for the disappointments. The biggest technical challenge in photographing at these times is controlling the contrast,  making the use of graduated neutral density filters very helpful to retain detail in all parts of the image.

As a landscape photographer I favour these times of the day when the light is warm and directional showing creations splendor to it best advantage.