27 06 2009

One of the reasons winter is my favourite season water. The rivers streams and waterfalls come alive with flowing water a great photographic subject. Tastes vary in how people like to see flowing water in a photograph. A faster shutter speed will freeze the motion and show the droplets in the water. A slower shutter speed blurs the motion and shows the flow of the water some like one others don’t. I’m a fan of the blurs. Upper NihitipuThe essential accessory’s for water are a polarizing filter and tripod.
Those pervading overcast skies also help to control contrast and enable longer shutter speeds.

Down The Gurgler

See this article I wrote over at AFN http://www.australasiaforum.net/articles/rod/waterfalls.html



19 06 2009

I think winter is probably the best season photographically everything is much more dramatic.  The weather much more exciting storms frost rain even snow.

The good light lasts longer in the day and you don’t have to rise at 4 am and stay out till 10pm to get sunrise and sunset. Even the overcast skies offer opportunity with forest and water so much better with the softer light.Mahuia Rapids

David Ward a UK based photographer makes the point that there is no such thing as bad light we just need to match our subject matter to the light. I think this is true what we often lack is the ability to see the possibilities .  These shots are from one of my favourite locations Tongariro National Park taken last winter.

Lake Rotokura Walking Track

The light was predominately overcast on this trip but still there were opportunity’s and many more I missed .


17 06 2009

Farley Point # 3

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My first post to this blog is about the idea of previsualisation. Ansel Adams made much of this idea and I think for myself this works.

Landscape photography is very much about light and as the light is fleeting you need to be in place with a good idea of what you want or you miss the magic.I find it frustrating to be experiencing good light but not be in place to take advantage of it.   It is essential to plan and previsualise .

This is a recent example I had visited this location a few weeks prior and the light wasn’t great but I visualised what it could be if the conditions and light came together so on returning when the light was right here is the result