A Tale of Two Tripods

16 03 2010

As some of you will know I had the misfortune to have my Gitzo tripod blown into the sea at Bethells beach a month or so back. Fortunately the insurance came to the party and paid out for a new tripod. I thought Id write a short piece about tripods and give some recommendations based on my experience.

Rule#1 Get a sturdy tripod and take it with you always.

Rule#2 Don’t skimp because buying several cheaper tripods works out just as expensive as buying the good one first time round.

Rule#3 Choose a tripod that’s the right height for you. Without the column extended ideally you should be able to stand and look through the viewfinder without stooping.

Aluminium tripods tend to be heaver but cheaper than the carbon fibre equivalents I think the weight savings is worth the expense especially as the tripod goes everywhere with me.

My previous tripod was a Gitzo basalt series and I think it was very well made the only negative  for me was the rotary leg locks which I found to be a pain.

The replacement is the Manfrotto 055CX Pro which has lever locks and some neat column features on the whole I feel the Gitzo was a touch more ridged due to the simpler column but I am enjoying the lever leg locks.

Oh and finally don’t leave an expensive tripod where the wind can blow it into the sea.




One response

27 01 2011
Lee Duguid

Hey Rodney, great tips….gee loosing that Gitzo must of been expensive!

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