Looking Beyond The Obvious

21 12 2009

Learning to see not just the big picture the grand scenic which is the heart of landscape photography but also the the details and the abstracts that tell the story on a more personal level.
David Ward a leading British landscape photographer calls these shots “Inner landscapes” and learning to see these is a skill I want to develop more. Sometimes less than ideal conditions for the grand landscape will work well on details thus increasing the opportunities in the field.

Kelp Oneils Bay

A recent example while waiting for sunset I saw this kelp with the sun back lighting it and decided to get in close with the 70-200mm . I tend to  use the 17-40 stuck at 17mm for a lot of my work so its good to look at the tighter detail too and increase my vision.

Trackside Ferns Waitawheta Tramway

Another detail on a hike earlier in the year I saw these ferns on the track side and was attracted by the symmetry of the leaves also on the same walk there is this delightful little waterfall the light was too contrasty to show the complete scene but there was this  little detail complete with rainbow .

Flossies Falls Waitawheta Tramway

I need to learn better how to see the trees for the forest sometimes. The simple images are often the most effective.




2 responses

21 12 2009

Love the kelp – and the waterfall is beautiful.

22 12 2009
Steve Sieren

The kelp is nice and I can feel it slimyness since you are so close.

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