Upgrade the camera or the photographer?

19 09 2009

Every six months or so the camera manufacturers come out with a new bit of gear regular as clock work. There are some who feel obliged to upgrade as to not have the latest would make them second rate. Now on doubt some folks can afford to do this and more power to them cause they keep the industry in business . For most of us this is simply not practical nor affordable but this doesnt stop us from wanting. Somehow the ads seem to convince us if only we had that latest gadget our photography would be all so much better.

Winter Gardens Auckland City

Winter Gardens Auckland City

Well the truth is that unless our current gear is soo lame its unlikely anyone will be able to see a difference. Further more if our photography is bad it will still be bad albeit with more pixels. Much better then to invest in learning and practicing with what we have than getting the latest every time they come along.

Mokoroa Falls Goldies Bush West Auckland

Mokoroa Falls Goldies Bush West Auckland

Another point to remember is that in order to double the resolution in real terms you need 4x the megapixels for example the resolution of the 5D (12mpix) is 2300 LPH vs 5DMk2(21mpix) 2800 LPH (Source DPreview ) that is only a 22% increase in resolution useful but not as much as the numbers would suggest. So if you are like me and sometimes want that new toy but can’t afford it remember it’s not the gear but the photographer holding it that make the biggest difference.




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