Karearea, the New Zealand falcon

12 08 2009

Over the weekend we had the pleasure to visit Wingspans Birds of Prey Trust in rotorua well worth a visit both on the educational front and as a photography opportunity.NZ Falcon

Fascinating subject with eyesight said to be six times more powerful than humans, flying at speeds up to 230 kmh and uttering a short terrifying scream, the falcon will fall upon some hapless bird in mid flight. The manoeuvre is called a stoop, a trademark of the attacking falcon.  They practice falconry and there are opportuinties for flight photos if you have the skill

Falco Novaselandiae

I need to practice so more before I can hope to get flight shots




5 responses

12 08 2009

I want to go back to Wingspam. I took about 200 pics there last time. They are quick though…..

13 08 2009

Wow, your photography and the subject are simply stunning.

[ Bloggy friend of P’s 🙂 ]

13 08 2009

Who needs flight photos when these are so wonderful?

7 09 2009

Cool pics Rod. Their eyes are sort of evil looking aye.

9 09 2009
Emma McFadgen

Breathtaking Rod!


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