27 06 2009

One of the reasons winter is my favourite season water. The rivers streams and waterfalls come alive with flowing water a great photographic subject. Tastes vary in how people like to see flowing water in a photograph. A faster shutter speed will freeze the motion and show the droplets in the water. A slower shutter speed blurs the motion and shows the flow of the water some like one others don’t. I’m a fan of the blurs. Upper NihitipuThe essential accessory’s for water are a polarizing filter and tripod.
Those pervading overcast skies also help to control contrast and enable longer shutter speeds.

Down The Gurgler

See this article I wrote over at AFN http://www.australasiaforum.net/articles/rod/waterfalls.html




One response

29 06 2009

I like blurs in water falls. If it were something like kids playing with water then I like drops. But you’d have to do that anyway since kids would be too fast for slow shutter speeds.

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