17 06 2009

Farley Point # 3

Originally uploaded by Rdugmore2009

My first post to this blog is about the idea of previsualisation. Ansel Adams made much of this idea and I think for myself this works.

Landscape photography is very much about light and as the light is fleeting you need to be in place with a good idea of what you want or you miss the magic.I find it frustrating to be experiencing good light but not be in place to take advantage of it.   It is essential to plan and previsualise .

This is a recent example I had visited this location a few weeks prior and the light wasn’t great but I visualised what it could be if the conditions and light came together so on returning when the light was right here is the result




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18 06 2009

Welcome to Blogging Rod. Love that you chose WordPress and not Blogger. I can hear Penny cursing me now at that comment :-p . As you can tell I found your blog through Penny. Love the banner on your blog. I have always enjoyed your work when Penny showcased it on her blog.

18 06 2009

Ha ha Janine! Actually I use WP for my library blog. I could change I guess, just haven’t felt like being bothered with it.

18 06 2009
Wayne Ellis

Hi Rod,
Looking forward to seeing what you get up to here mate. All the best


18 06 2009
Emma McFadgen

Oh my goodness Rod your landscapes are breathtaking!
I look forward to seeing more… I remember penny blogging AGES ago on you taking pix of allsorts here… “”

18 06 2009


I look forward to your dissertations in whatever form they take.

Those current images seem awfully familiar.

Good luck


18 06 2009

Thanks for the support and kind words

I hope to share some of my experiences Images and ideas
Yes Hoppy you’ve seen these before 🙂

18 06 2009

Are you inferring you work for MAD magazine?

As for the first installment, Rod, they are some of my sentiments too.

Anyway, nice to see you treading where only the brave will go. Mark me down as a regular visitor.

18 06 2009

Totally agree with your previsualisation thoughts, I have plenty of them….. I just strugle with the connectivity between my them and the sensor. Too many short circuits 😀

Good luck with the blog mate.

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